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Days Of Our Lives

  Joseph Mascolo

(Stefano DiMera – “Days of Our Lives")

Stefano Di Mera first arrived in Salem in February 1982, to visit his son Tony.  While his background and nationality were never quite explained except for being vaguely Mediterranean, he at first appeared to be dashing, wealthy and aristocratic.  However, he soon emerged as a potentially dangerous and powerful villain.  Ever since his arrival, the town of Salem, and especially the Brady family, has had little or no peace. 

Joseph Mascolo Days of Our Lives The Brady family became his target of obsession after Roman caused problems for Stefano’s criminal enterprises in the early ‘80s, and his reign of terror has never ended.  He’s been suspected of kidnapping, brainwashing, drug dealing, blackmailing, conspiracy, art theft, forgery and even murder.

The true motive behind Stefano’s hatred of the Brady family has not yet been told, but the depth of his hatred is demonstrated in his ruthless actions over the years: 

  He tried to kill Roman Brady, he has erased John Black’s memory, held Hope Brady captive at Maison Blanche, erased most of Laura Horton’s memory, kidnapped Dr. Marlena Evans several times and led her on hypnotic trips which resulted in her being possessed by Satan for a short time, implanted a microchip in Vivian Alamain’s tooth so that he could control her moods, and had his own son, Tony, taken away to a deserted island for his disloyalty to the family.

At one point it was finally revealed that Stefano is the seventh son of the seventh son, making him The Phoenix, according to legend, one that always rises from the ashes.   Stefano has lived up to his Phoenix nickname time and time again as he’s escaped capture, death – including being shot by Marlena, getting thrown from a penthouse by a demon, being struck by lightning and getting blown up – and justice since he first set foot in Salem.

Joseph Mascolo Stefano DiMera Days of Our Lives Stefano has six known children:  Tony DiMera (with Daphne DiMera), Renee Dumonde DiMera (with Lee Dumonde), Megan Hathaway (unknown mother), Alexandra (Lexie) DiMera (with Celeste Perrault), Benjy Hawk DiMera (with Ellen Hawk) and Elvis Banks (via artificial insemination with Susan Delilah Banks).  He also raised Peter and Kristen Blake after their mother (Rachel) went “a little crazy” according to Stefano.  He’s had a common-law marriage with Daphne DiMera and was married to Vivian Alamain.  This is what has been revealed, but it is believed that Stefano’s list of wives, mistresses and children will never be complete.

Even while he was physically away from the show for nearly six years (2001-2007), his presence continued to be felt.  Now that he’s back – the DiMera/Brady feud picks up with a vengeance as the Brady family desperately searches for the source of this hatred. 

Joseph Mascolo, who has portrayed the evil Stefano DiMera since his inception, says that playing this character has kept him from ever needing therapy.  “I can get all my frustrations and aggressions out on the show,” he says.  “It’s been a roller-coaster ride, but a wonderful experience.  Who knows what will happen next?”
  Joseph Mascolo
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Joseph Mascolo

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